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Based in Oxford, in the central southern United Kingdom, we operate globally to support wargamers of any tabletop system by assembling, painting and personalising miniatures with sculpting and conversions on a professional level. With our talent and a profound passion for history, we excel in mastering military and historical model figures for collectors.

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About Us

Phoenix Art Productions has one simple mission: support tabletop gamers and collectors with professional services. We do the job, you enjoy playing or collecting!

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miniature Collection

Military or historical model figures are not just a feast of elements assembled together. Each of these projects start with a research to get as many as possible information to recreate a slide of our past. Models must follow anatomical proportions, mounted following natural and fluid postures according to gravity. Painting must follow the correct palette of colours blending together different techniques. But that’s not enough to represent a 3D photographic snapshot vibrating of emotions.

What WWII soldiers would think when smoking a cigarette in a cold battlefield?

An artist must revive that moment, to recreate a look in their faces that show the momentum in which the figures were living.

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Custom Service

Dedicated to our clients’ special requirements, the Custom Service at our studio is equipped with professional DIY tools. We can craft display dioramas, create scratch-built wargaming scenery, design high-quality wooden plinths, and provide basing solutions to showcase your miniatures. Our range of services includes basic to extended sculpting or conversion options, allowing us to personalize your end‑term manufacturing models into unique masterpieces. For a detailed discussion of your project and to receive an accurate quotation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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